Barney Greengrass Fires Waiter for Twittering About Guests

A former waiter at Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills alleges he was fired for Tweeting about his celebrity clientele. Jon-Barrett Ingels tells Brand X that it all started when Hung star Jane Adams enjoyed a bite and, unable to pay her tab, excused herself to retrieve her wallet, but never returned. Ingels, who had already Tweeted about Jeffrey Ross and Susan Sarandon’s visits to the restaurant, let his readers know that Adams skipped the bill, and that her agent had paid the following day, but left no tip.

The incident broke the seal on Ingel’s self-censor and he continued Twittering, rather creepily, about customers like Ali Larter dining bra-less and Neil Strauss picking up chicks next to a “hungover” BJ Novak. Ingels was soon fired by a manager who caught up to his tweets, as let’s face it, some celebrities want an establishment where their every perceived transgression is not documented.

Ingles has since spent his Twittering days grumbling over the loss of his job, blaming Adams, and giving props to Nobu for banning Jeremy Piven when the actor left the first season of Entourage on DVD as a tip in Aspen. Ingles’ latest Twitter news finds him “Working at the LA Opera,” but don’t expect any gossip about ladies in Viking helmets anytime soon. “That is all that I’m gonna write about THIS job,” he says.

Waiter Gets Canned After Twittering About ‘Hung’ Actress Jane Adams [Brand-X]

Barney Greengrass Fires Waiter for Twittering About Guests