Aziza Chef Goes National; Butchery Now Trendy

Aziza chef-owner Mourad Lahlou is about to make it big, with his upcoming cookbook and PBS series and his recently acquired Michelin star and Iron Chef victory. [SF Chronicle]

• Amazon may get rid of its wine-selling business after the two-year-old venture failed to gain momentum. [SF Biz Times]

• A lawsuit alleging that KFC’s grilled options contain carcinogens doesn’t seem to bother most customers in the Mission District. [Mission Loc@l]

• Do-it-yourself butchery is increasingly popular with classes cropping up in cities across the country. [NYT]

• Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali will join Daniel Boulud in opening restaurants at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands resort. [NRN]

• The “Smart Choices” program, which allowed food manufacturers to label their foods as healthier options, has been suspended after the FDA announced it would investigate whether the program is misleading to consumers. [WSJ]

Aziza Chef Goes National; Butchery Now Trendy