Are Stuff’s Dining Awards Dated?

Stuff’s 2009 dining awards are out and, while it’s hard to hate too much on a list that includes the “Paging Dr. Kevorkian” Award for Long-Overdue Restaurant Euthanasia (Bonfire, naturally), we do have to question the timeliness a few of their honors.

First, the “Jesus Effing Christ, Enough Already! Award for Overexposure”, which goes, in a tie, to cupcakes and bacon. Everyone from Details (in a piece titled “Has Bacon Mania Gone Too Far?”) to our own Grub Street New York (with its “cupmudgeonism” tag) has been piling onto these foodstuffs for nigh on a year. “Culinary Exotica of the Year”, another tie, is also a touch suspect. Black garlic, sure, but ramps? They’ve been a hallmark of the food snob canon for years now.

What do you think? Are Stuff’s dining awards on point or behind the times?

Dining Awards 2009 [Stuff]

Are Stuff’s Dining Awards Dated?