Andre Guerrero Buys Glassell Park’s Butter Tart Bakery

Photo: Butter Tart Bakery

A month after turning his Sherman Oaks restaurant Max into Marche L.A., Andre Guerrero will busy himself with Butter Tart Bakery, which the chef/owner has just purchased north of Forest Lawn on Glassell Park’s Verdugo Rd. Most of the new-ish bakery equipment and decor will stay put from the previous incarnation of this Canada-tinted pastry shop, while Food GPS tells us this could become a way-point between Guerrero’s other restaurants. Pastry chef Jan Purdy can cook sweets here for The Oinkster and rolls for Marche L.A., while coming up with some new recipes for Butter Tart to call its own, and maybe throwing Guerrero’s Boho some table scraps, as well.

Guerrero and his sons plan to focus on hand-brewing Intelligentsia beans in their own coffee bar and designing an exquisite breakfast and lunch menu, featuring food that is both hearty and nuanced like “Anson Mills heirloom grits with ‘spoon tender’ bacon confit and poached eggs.” Plans are to re-launch the bakery towards the end of this month as a daytime cafe that closes at 4:00 p.m. with possible market-driven dinners in store.

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Andre Guerrero Buys Glassell Park’s Butter Tart Bakery