‘All Cake, No File’ Spoofs Celebrity Cooking and Johnny Cash Prison Concerts

Chef Jewell Rae Jeffers
Chef Jewell Rae Jeffers Photo: Rae Jeffers via Myspace

Through November, comedienne Donna Jo Thorndale will spoof celebrity cooking shows in All Cake, No File, a comedy show for Actors Gang’s WTF?! Festival in Culver City. A member of actor Tim Robbin’s Actors Gang troupe, Thorndale will become her recurring character, cooking show host Jewell Rae Jeffers, a perky television chef who is spending her evening cooking live for a men’s prison. Thorndale will amuse audiences while baking a different “jailbreak cake” on each night of her performance, all the while backed by a Johnny Cash tribute band called With a Bible and a Gun.

While baking her cakes, Thorndale’s stage show should be strangely captivating, potentially delicious, and certainly unpredictable, joined by guests like Wayne Kramer of the MC5 one night and The Broken Numbers band at the end of this month. The show is sponsored by Amoeba Records, who are aiding the rock half of Thorndale’s fake cooking show.

The WTF?! Festival is a two-month celebration of alternative art and activism held at The Ivy Substation in Culver City by Actor’s Gang, including appearances by Sarah Silverman, Tenacious D, and Gore Vidal, among others. Thorndale’s show is planned for five nights, starting October 30th and occurring weekly through November, giving us a month to laugh at the would-be Marthas, Rachels, and Giadas of the world. The full schedule is available on The WTF?! Festival website and tickets top All Cake, No File are $15.

‘All Cake, No File’ Spoofs Celebrity Cooking and Johnny Cash Prison Concerts