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Wicker Park Taco Stand Update: Julia Child And DIY

Add a side of whiskey to Arturo's and you've got a decent approximation
Add a side of whiskey to Arturo’s and you’ve got a decent approximation Photo: paul goyette/Flickr

The buzz does nothing but grow about the Unnamed Wicker Park Taco Joint. For starters, Ari Bendersky has revealed that Paul Kahan is headed to Southern California right this very second on a “research and development” trip that will center around Santa Barbara’s La Super-Rica Taqueria. Kahan calls Super-Rica’s tacos the best he’s ever eaten, and he’s in good company: it was a favorite restaurant of Julia Child, who (as Grub Street L.A. editor Hadley Tomicki pointed out to us) used to have a special table laid out for her at the white-sided taco shack.

Since we are all temporally out of reach of Kahan’s joint, and most of us are geographically out of reach of La Super-Rica, what can we do for a taco-whiskey fix in the interim? The good souls of Being Totally Sweet in Chicago have kluged together an interim taco-whiskey pairing guide, in which they suggest a few fingers of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey to wash down grilled fish tacos from Mayan Palace, the al pastor from Arturo’s with a nip of el cheapo Evan Williams Black Label, and more. If this works (and if we can figure out a decent recipe for homemade dulce de leche milkshakes) we might not even need the place from Kahan and crew.

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Wicker Park Taco Stand Update: Julia Child And DIY