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Who Wants to Open a Herrell’s?

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Now that both the Allston and Harvard Square Herrell’s have disaffiliated themselves with the Northampton-based ice cream shop chain, Judy Herrell is actively seeking franchisees in Boston. “We will find other locations in the Boston area,” Herrell tells Grub Street. “And that’s a promise.”

In what seems like a dig at Jeffrey Stanett, who claims that the opening of a J.P. Licks in Harvard Square was the death knell for the neighborhood’s Herrell’s, Herrell tells us that “I’m looking for someone who understands that competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” Think you have what it takes? Herrell strongly encourages any Grub Street readers interested in opening a Boston Herrell’s franchise to contact her directly.

Franchise Opportunities [Herrell’s]

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Who Wants to Open a Herrell’s?