Cupcake Craze Update: Whipped Bakeshop to Open October 14

Iconic LOVE cookies
Iconic LOVE cookies Photo: Whipped Bakeshop

While Grub Street Boston wonders if the cupcake craze in Beantown is following the historic trail of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, Philly’s current cupcake hysteria is following a less Revolutionary and more random path. Buttercream, the cupcake truck, has been trying out various stops - with varying degrees of success - all around town, Flying Monkey is about to open a second location near Jefferson Hospital, there’s a mysterious cupcake maker going into the former Blue and Green and shortly Whipped Bakeshop, the first storefront from Zoe Lukas, clever baker of sushi cakes and Yoda cookies, will join the cupcake club. Lukas and her husband/partner Brennan Lukas are hoping for an October 14 opening, which is all dependent on whether the Health Department plays along with their time frame.

While Lukas’s detailed cookies and cakes - check out photos of the artful designs online - won’t be available for immediate purchase in the shop, what you will be able to buy and eat immediately are cupcakes. Lukas plans on tweeting which cupcakes will be available each day. Other baked goods like cakes and cookies can be ordered online and picked up at the store or they’ll deliver directly to you for a small fee. Why no cookies on demand? Brennan Lukas tells us the cookies are very labor-intensive and can’t be produced quickly - custom cookie orders often taken up to two weeks to complete. So if you want an immediate sugar fix, you’ll have to suffer with a delicious cupcake.

Whipped Bakeshop, 636 Belgrade St.

Cupcake Craze Update: Whipped Bakeshop to Open October 14