What to Expect From the Tipsy Parson

Photo: Jake Chessum for New York Magazine

Little Giant’s bigger sister, the 70-seat Tipsy Parson, is expected to open at the end of September, co-owner Tasha Garcia Gibson told Fork in the Road. She has some choice words — natch — for building inspectors: “There have been so few new construction starts in the city, and to legitimize their jobs, a lot of inspectors will slow things down, find a lot of violations they wouldn’t have in the past.” That said, the Tipsy Parson is well on its way. West Side, get ready for your very own version of Egg.

Liquor License? Check, from the booze-easy CB4.
Comfort Food? Check. “It’s going to be American regional with a little bit of emphasis on southern regional classics … If your mom made it with Velveeta, we’ll make it with Grafton cheddar.”
Fried stuff? Check. “There will be a lot of boiling, grilling, and frying. We’re dying to fry — we’ve got a list of all the things we can throw in a fryer, like beignets, doughnuts, and hush puppies. We also may try pickles.”
Mexican Brunch? Check. “We’re definitely going to have nods to my Mexican heritage — like on the brunch menu, there’ll be a Mexican-style chorizo. We’ll also have pimento cheese, which is from my family’s beach tradition.”
Pork? Check. “There will always be pig.”

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What to Expect From the Tipsy Parson