What to Eat at Water Grill’s Sunday Lobster Clam Bake

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Water Grill’s Chef David LeFevre invited us to a celebration yesterday that showcased the clam bake menu which this self-professed “seafood nerd” will serve every Sunday at the Downtown restaurant. Chef David’s menu contributes to a budding local trend that venerates and faithfully recreates New England-style seafood. As with Santa Monica’s new B.P. Oysterette, Water Grill is particularly stoked about its lobster roll. Lefevre ate about 50 rolls on an R&D; trip, leading to what he proudly trumpets as a “true Connecticut-style roll”, set on a brioche bun that oozes butter from every pore. LeFevre ‘s clambake itself is a medley of Linguica sausage, Weiser potatoes, carrots, steamers, and mussels, served with a one-and-one-quarter pound lobster, and choice of seasonal salad and dessert for $55.00. Water Grill has long done justice to L.A.’s raw bar and seafood scene, and in LeFevre’s hands, this Eastern seaboard food trend is off to a perfect start. Take a look at Water Grill’s weekly clam bake menu below.

Sunday Lobster Clam Bake at Water Grill


Black River Gorgonzola and peach salad
Mixed Greens with shaved tiny vegetables

1 1/4 pound lobster with family-style clambake of steamers, mussels, Weiser Farm potatoes, sweet corn, carrots, and Linguica

Strawberry rhubard cobbler with vanilla ice cream
Homemade root beer float

Water Grill
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What to Eat at Water Grill’s Sunday Lobster Clam Bake