What to Eat at Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Now Open in Inman Square

Chicken and waffles!
Chicken and waffles! Photo: Nicole Kanner

Trina’s Starlite Lounge has finally opened in Inman Square. Former Metropolitan Club chef Suzanne Maitland’s food menu looks satisfyingly comforting (fried chicken and waffles and chili cheese fries? Yes, please!), but the drinks are the biggest star here, which is no surprise, given that all four owners (Silvertone Bar & Grill’s Josh Childs, Audubon Circle’s Jay Belleau, and Trina Sturm of City Bar and her husband, Highland Kitchen’s Beau Strum) are bartenders. Check out the full menu below.

Housekeeping note: we’ll be off on Monday for Yom Kippur (we are not masochistic enough to blog about food while fasting), but we’ll be back bright and early on Tuesday.

chopped salad - 6
local vegetables, boiled egg, buttermilk dressing
arugula & spinach salad - 7
balsamic, toasted pepitas, goat cheese
buffalo wings - 6
Great Hill blue cheese
corn chowder
cup - 4
bowl - 7
Starlite black bean chili
sour cream, aged cheddar
cup - 4
bowl - 7
pepperoni roll - 4
crab cake - 8
old bay aoli, baby arugula

Hot Pressed Sandwiches
pressed green apple, arugula & brie - 7
horseradish dipping sauce
smoked turkey BLT - 8
applewood smoked bacon

griddled dog - 3
corn dog - 4
chili cheese dog - 4
dog of the day - market price

Angus burgers
lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles
single - 4
double - 6
triple - 8
black bean & veggie burger - 8
add chili - 1
add cheese - .50
add bacon - .50
Starlite-style - 7

fried chicken & buttermilk waffles - 17
hot pepper syrup
pan seared sirloin steak - 19
dirty gravy, onion rings
baked haddock - 15
sweet potato and green onion hash, sautéed spinach
mac & cheese - 9
Ritz crackers
blue plate special - market price

Sides & Snacks
onion rings - 3
hand cut fries - 4
chili cheese fries - 6
cheese fries - 5
gravy fries - 5
sweet potato hash - 4
sautéed spinach - 4
sweet corn bread - 3
cole slaw - 3

Trina’s drinks
we only use the freshest seasonal juices, fruits, herbs,
and spices. If we can make it ourselves, we do…
All drinks are - 9
Starlite cocktail
white rum, parfait amor, lemon, bubbles
fallen angel
spicy mango margarita, Angelique tequila, bbq dusted rim
abbey cocktail
gin, Lillet, orange juice, Angostura bitters
all heart cooler
Saint Germain, Campari, white wine
vodka, basil syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice
Bison Grass vodka, Canton ginger cognac, lemon juice, green tea, mint
alfa sour
pisco, grappa, sweet vermouth, lemon, egg white, 2 drops of fernet branca
the modern
cilantro infused gin gimlet, sweet 100 tomato
z’s negroni
pink grapefruit infused gin, Carpano Antica vermouth, Aperol
the gentleman
Buffalo Trace bourbon, Belle de Brillet, lemon juice
L.L. Cool J
Silvertone’s famous raspberry-infused vodka, lime
la saladita
Reposado tequila, Saint Germain, grapefruit juice, topped with Dos Equis

Bottles of Beer
6 pack high life ponies - 11
bud - 3
bud lite - 3
amstel lite - 4
reading pils can - 3
high life - 3
ommegang abbey ale - 6
stone pale ale - 6
blackberry wheat - 5
dos equis - 4
negra modelo - 5
saison dupont - 18

Keg Beer
harpoon octoberfest - 5
sierra nevada - 5
rapskilian honey brown - 5
blue moon - 5
guinness - 5
coors lite - 5

What to Eat at Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Now Open in Inman Square