What to Eat at the New Out the Door, Due in Pac Heights Tomorrow

Charles Phan
Charles Phan Photo: SF Chefs.Food.Wine/Flickr

Opening tomorrow on Bush Street, the second location of Charles Phan’s Out the Door occupies an old flower warehouse, where a long counter and a cavernous space host a menu of new items as well as carryovers from both Out the Door and The Slanted Door. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Phan has introduced a morning special of lotus-wrapped sticky rice with Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, and mushrooms. Also new: Com Phan — traditional Vietnamese lunches called Com Phan, separate plates of vegetables, proteins, broths and rice — and steamed duck egg quiche, with pork, mushroom, glass noodles (check out the full menu below). Architect Olle Lundberg, who did Heaven’s Dog and the Westfield Out the Door, designed the 62-seat restaurant, including touches like a light made from an old bouy and a sliced boulder hostess stand (a nod to the boulder in the flagship). Chef de Cuisine Grace Nguyen and pastry chef Chucky Dugo have both been with Phan for years, so expect a tightly run kitchen. Situated around the corner from the soon-to-reopen SPQR, there’s a delicious possibility for some neighborly rivalry here, which should suit diners fine.


Pate Chaud pork or chicken 4
Beignets and Vietnamese coffee powdered sugar, condensed milk 6
Lotus-wrapped sticky rice ,em>Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, mushrooms 6
Chicken Pho rice noodles, shallots, scallions 8
Soft Scrambled Eggs toast, chives, soy 7
Baked Eggs pate, baguette 11
Farm Poached Eggs braised beef brisket, caramelized onions, crispy potatoes 13
Crepes brown butter, pink lady apples, maple syrup


Starters 7:
Crispy imperial rolls mint, rice vermicelli, peanuts (vegetarian option available)
Spring rolls shrimp, sliced pork, mint, peanut sauce (vegetarian option available)
Green papaya salad tofu, pickled carrots, rau ram, roasted peanuts
Grapefruit and jicama salad Red cabbage, rau ram, candied pecans
Vietnamese Crepe shrimp, pork, onions, bean sprouts (vegetarian option available)
Daikon rice cake shitake mushrooms, spicy soy sauce, cilantro

Noodles 9:
Beef pho top round, brisket, thai basil, wide rice noodles
Chicken pho thin rice noodles, shallots, scallions
Shrimp and wonton soup braised pork, pork cracklings, egg noodles

Com Phan 14:
Roasted mackerel cucumber salad, gingered fish sauce
Niman Ranch beef bavette crispy potatoes, early girl tomatoes, pickled vegetables
Alaskan halibut tumeric, dill, vermicelli, pineapple-anchovy sauce
Lemongrass tofu pickled mustard greens

Sides 5:
Dirty Girl Farm haricots vert honshimeji mushrooms
Japanese eggplant roasted chili, coconut milk
Heirloom tomato salad
Steamed duck egg quiche pork, mushroom, glass noodles


Crispy imperial rolls shrimp, pork, mint, red leaf lettuce 8
Crispy vegetarian rolls tofu, tree ear mushrooms, mint, red leaf lettuce 8
Grilled chicken English cucumber, parilla leaf, spicy fish sauce 10
Grilled meatball red leaf lettuce, vermicelli, pinapple-anchovy sauce 10
Spring rolls tofu, shitake mushroom, green cabbage, spicy peanut sauce 8

Daikon rice cake shitake mushrooms, spicy soy sauce, cilantro 7
Green papaya tofu, pickled carrots, rau ram, roasted peanuts, fish sauce 7
Jicama, grapefruit, red cabbage, candied pecans, sweet soy 7
Chilled Monterey Bay squid heirloom tomatoes, pickled shallots, mizuna 10
Chilled Monterey Bay squid pickled carrots, celery, arugula 8

Carribean shrimp tamarind, pineapple, early girl tomato 5

Caramelized prawns yellow onion, scallion, roasted chili paste 15
Mackeral Claypot cilantro, shallot, caramel sauce 15
Cellophane noodles with Dungeness crab 16
Alaskan tumeric halibut early girl tomatoes, scallion, Thai basil 19

Chicken claypot cilantro, shallot, caramel sauce 13
Rotisserie range brother pork chop pickled shallots, cilantro 22
Pork rib claypot Thai chili, young coconut, caramel sauce 15
Niman Ranch bavette heirloom tomatoes, watercress 21

Lemongrass tofu shitake mushrooms, pressed tofu, roasted chili 6
Dirty Girl Farm haricots vert honshimeji mushrooms 6
Japanese eggplant roasted chili, coconut milk 6

Jasmine rice 2
Organic brown rice 3


Juice fresh squeezed organic orange/grapefruit 4.5
French press single/double 3/6
Espresso 2.5
Cappuciono 3
Latte 4
Vietnamese Iced Coffee 3.5

Tea (pot) 4.5
Little melon seed — Lu An Gua Pian
Jasmine silver needle — Mo Li Yin Zhen
Monkey picked tieguanyin — Tie Guan yin
Magnolia blossom fragrance — Yu Lan Xiang
Yunnan black — Yunnan Banna Hong Cha
Dragon eyes — Long Yan He
Imperial pu-erh — Di Huang
White chrysanthemum flower — Ju Hua
Thousand days red jasmine — Xian Tao

Non-alcoholic bubbles 3.5
Boylan’s cane cola/diet cola
Bubble Up lemon lime cola
Izze peach/mandarin
Sea Dog root beer
Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew

Bottled Water
Santa Lucia Sparkling 500ml 4
Badoit Sparkling 1 litre 8
Ty-Nant still 500/750 ml 3.5/7.5

Out the Door, 2232 Bush St., between Fillmore and Steiner streets; 415-923-9575

What to Eat at the New Out the Door, Due in Pac Heights Tomorrow