What to Eat at Mazu: Opening for Lunch Today

A section of the new mural gracing Mazu's rear wall
A section of the new mural gracing Mazu’s rear wall Photo: Adam Martin

After a false start last week (they were shooting for Sunday but missed), Mazu is ready to open for lunch today. Right now, in fact. The new inception of the old Rohan Lounge space will feature similar food and a similar vibe to the former tenant because a cadre of former employees have taken it over. For now, though, they’re just doing lunch and non-alcoholic drinks because they haven’t gotten their liquor license yet. Former Rohan servers KK Salamin and Leah Abiol teamed up on the project with KK’s sister Silma Salamin (who also used to DJ there) as chef. Silma has created a menu close to that of Rohan (including that famed Lumpia), but with her own riffs like crab cakes and tamarind-glazed short ribs. Check out a PDF here. Among other upgrades to the space: A new mural on the back wall, new upholstery on the banquettes, new flooring, and new lighting. KK tells us to expect them to open up for dinner and bar service within a couple of weeks. Until then, they’ll be open from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

3809 Geary Blvd., at Second Avenue. (415) 221-9800

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What to Eat at Mazu: Opening for Lunch Today