What to Eat at Chickadee Chick, Now Serving Chicken and Custard in Park Slope

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Fried chicken is all the rage these days (guests at Andrew Carmellini’s first Fried Chicken Live dinner last night were said to include Rachael Ray, Hugh Jackman, and others), but one newcomer is boldly opting to grill. Chickadee Chick, recently opened in Park Slope, specializes in free-range chicken that’s butterflied, steeped in a lemongrass marinade overnight, and set on a char grill that’s visible to customers and passersby. The chicken is sold by the whole, half, or quarter, and you can also get “bon bon wings” in spicy chili sauce. When we stopped in, the place was still getting off the ground, so don’t be surprised if you end up waiting at one of the school desks outside (unless you want to eat at one of them, the tiny nook is strictly take-out), or if they haven’t yet figured out how to work the custard machine (never mind about choosing between single dip and double dip). Should you opt for delivery, the area is between Prospect Park West and Fourth Ave, and between St. Johns Place and 18th Street. The store is open from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. — here’s the menu.

Char grilled free-range chicken

Whole - $11.95
Half - $6.75
Quarter - $5.50
(includes flat bread and choice of salad or steamed Thai basil and vegetable rice)

Grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and onion - $6.50
(add cheese - $1)
Chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion - $6.50
(add cheese - $1)

Chicken Pieces
6 pieces - $2
12 pieces - $3.50

Spicy Bon Bon Wings
4 pieces - $4.25
8 pieces - $7.25
12 pieces - $10.25


Fresh garden salad - $3 for small or $5.50 for large
Asian salad - $5.50
(with grilled chicken - $6.95)

French fries - $2.75
Cheese fries - $3.75
Steamed Thai basil vegetable rice - $2.50 for small or $3.50 for large
Grilled fresh corn on the cob - $2
Cole slaw - $1.75 small or $2.75 large
Mashed potato - $2 small or $3.75 large
Flat bread - $1

Frozen custard
Vanilla or chocolate in cup or cone
Single dip - $3.25
Double dip - $4.50

Handspun shakes - $5.25
Vanilla, chocolate, or black and white

Chickadee Chick, 165 Seventh Ave., nr. Garfield; 718-832-3888 or 718-832-8880

What to Eat at Chickadee Chick, Now Serving Chicken and Custard in Park Slope