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What Susan Feniger Eats on L.A.’s Streets

Chef Susan Feniger
Chef Susan Feniger

O.G. Los Angeles chef Susan Feniger was given Jonathan Gold’s seal of approval yesterday for her first solo restaurant venture, Susan Feniger’s Street. Feniger’s menu assembles legendary street-side eats from spread out corners of the globe, from Indian vada pav dumplings to Moldovian meatballs and her rapidly rising star, Kaya Toast, from Singapore. With the raves stacking up, we thought it was time to see where Feniger likes to get her street eats in The City of Angels. Read on for the top five street foods that inspire Susan Feniger and Street co-owner Kajsa Alger:

So how about it Chef Feniger? Where do you like to eat on L.A.’s streets?

Susan Feniger:

• “Ho Duk at the California Market at Western and 5th in Koreatown. There is a truck and they serve this griddled dough that is like pupusa dough. It is stuffed with butter and brown sugar and nuts. It’s griddled and then served crisp and warm, all the butter is melted and the sugar caramelized. Get a coffee from right next door and it is the perfect afternoon snack to give you a buzz.”

• “Pupusas at the Central Market in Downtown are amazing. They are a Salvadoran street food similar to a Mexican quesadilla, made with masa and water, like a gordita almost, sometimes with rice flour too, and stuffed with Mexican cheeses, usually an assortment like cotija, manchego, and panella. My favorite is stuffed with loroco. Served with a little spicy red salsa that is pretty thin and a cortida-cabbage slaw with dried oregano. It’s stuffed like a gordita, you make a ball and flatten it, then stuff it with a ball of cheese and loroco, or pork or anything, and then the dough is folded around the cheese, and flattened, then griddled ‘til the cheese oozes. Yum!”

• “The taco truck that parks at Olympic and La Brea [El Chato] has amazing tacos and great flavors, just right for late night snacking!”

• “Beverly Soontofu Restaurant on Olympic. Okay, it isn’t technically a street vendor, but it was one of our favorite finds when researching street foods that we could eat here in L.A. We love the soon tofu with egg over the top..but also love the bibimbop!”

• “Also, our Executive Chef/co-owner Kajsa loves the hot dogs at Fab Dogs in Reseda. She goes all the time and says they are the best around!”

Thanks Chef Feniger! For our own favorite street-side eating, check out our map of great L.A. Street food.

What Susan Feniger Eats on L.A.’s Streets