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West Roxbury: Dining Destination

Churches: no longer the only thing in West Roxbury
Churches: no longer the only thing in West Roxbury Photo: dedgekko64-Dorothy/Flickr

West Roxbury: it’s not just for old people anymore! A story in today’s Globe reveals that rising rents in T-accessible parts of the city are pushing young people into Westie and they’re bringing exciting new restaurants with them. If you haven’t visited West Roxbury yet (what, the old Decelle’s wasn’t enough to motivate a visit?), now’s the time. Below, our guide to the best eats in the hood.

The Upper Crust: For years and years, West Roxbury’s residents had to satisfy their pizza cravings with the run of the mill Deno’s. All that changed when The Upper Crust opened a branch in the old Tai Ho space this spring. Now Westies can order pizzas piled high with sun-dried tomatoes and chorizo. They even deliver, which is a real rarity in this area.

West on Centre: The vanguard of West Roxbury’s dining trendification, West on Centre will take care of all your goat cheese stuffed lamb burger and cocktail needs.

Himalayan Bistro: One of Boston’s few Nepalese restaurants. Don’t miss the momo.

Thai Spice (1745 Centre Street) and Phuket Thai (1856 Centre Street): Want to start a fight in a group of Westies? Ask which restaurant is better. Want to elicit an amazed reaction from an old-school neighborhood resident? Mention that West Roxbury now has two Thai restaurants.

Masona Grill: An eclectic international menu with everything from fish and chips to Peruvian paella and regular wine dinners make this a popular gathering spot for the neighborhood’s new residents.

Skara Grill: Located in the former Friendly’s (the coolest thing in West Roxbury back when we grew up there), Skara serves up reliable Greek food and grows its own herbs.

Sofia Italian Steakhouse: It’s no Fontaine’s, West Roxbury’s iconic fried chicken emporium of years past, but the basic Italian food is worlds better than that of the space’s last occupant, Vintage.

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West Roxbury: Dining Destination