Verrill Farm Back in Action; Restaurants Go Rustic

• Verrill Farm is fully recovered after last year’s devastating fire. [Globe]

• Local restaurateurs are scouring flea markets for homey, rustic decor details. [Globe]

• A man was stabbed seemingly randomly outside of East Boston’s Cafe Meridian this weekend. [Universal Hub]

• Wesport’s Buzzards Bay microbrewers will stop selling its eponymous beers. [Herald]

• A family dispute turned into an out and out daytime bar brawl at Tommy Doyle’s. [Cambridge Chronicle]

• Despite her acclaim in the United States, Parisians have never really cottoned on to Julia Child. [NYT]

• Michelin’s new ad campaign focuses on its “famously anonymous” reviewers. [NYT]

• A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine calls for a tax of a penny per ounce on soft drinks. [WSJ]

• Dairy farmers are calling for federal antitrust operators to investigate their field. [WSJ]

Verrill Farm Back in Action; Restaurants Go Rustic