Toby Young Wonders About Best Boobs at Emmys; Boulud Dreams of ‘Momo[Bleep]’ at Bon Apps

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Last night, the Bon Appetit Awards honored Daniel Boulud, the Kogi Truck, OpenTable, Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar, and others. Per one tweet, “DB accepting his bon ap award jokes he’s going to debut a Korean sausage called Momofuckyou.” Meanwhile, a far more grandiose gala was going on. No, not StarChefs’ Rising Stars, though they were going down, too. The Emmys! Despite all the noms, the Top Chef crew came away empty-handed — but their tweets from the scene were precious.

Toby Young
Bumped into E and Drama from Entourage on red carpet. They’re dwarves! #emmys

Sitting with Top Chef crew and trying to figure out if any significance should be attached to out prominent seating. #emmys

That was Turtle, not Drama. I now feel like a heel because those guys were very nice to me. And I LOVE Entourage.

Reality category up next. Moment of truth approaches.

Why don’t they have a Best Reality Show Contestant category? Fabio would get my vote.

Padma and Tom was robbed! Jeff Probst called Joseph Campbell a “great storyteller.” Er, no. What a moron. #Emmys’

Did that sound bitter? Okay, I admit it. I’m bitter. #emmys

Balls. We didn’t win Best Reality Series either. Time to hit the bar. #Emmys

In the the Losers Enclosure, aka the bar. Verdict: If we want Top Chef to win next year, get some contestants with disabilities. #emmys

@ahaigh I flew six thousand miles to be here. I’m entitled to be bitter!

@diablocody are you at the Emmys? Let’s get drunk together …

Tom Collichio just said: “But we did hire someone with disabilities – you Toby.”

Ricky Gervais was wrong about this #Emmys crowd. The women here are smoking hot. There should be an award for Best Baps.

Padma Lakshmi - Which dress will make the cut for the night?! - With Aziz Ansari!

Just woke up. Couldn’t sleep. Loud party in the garden. Same hair raising breakfast as yesterday! - Going to Emmys with mom. She wants to make sure I thank her cat! - Me and mom in the car headed to the Emmys! #emmys09

Just sat down in row f seat 501 and 502. Emmys start in 1 minute!! Fingers crossed. - Mom and Gail Simmons! - Tom very excited at the Emmys! - View from my seat — packed house! - Kevin Nealon cheering us on!

Gail Simmons
Emmy day! Red carpet stretches 4ever (3 hrs). Awards r long (3 hrs). Breakfast is key. Need long-lasting, dress-friendly options. Eggs? Yup.

Dress on (cherry red!), hair done, ready to roll. Just hope I do not melt on red carpet in 100 degree heat….wish us luck! #topchef #emmys

Didnt win Emmy. But tons of TC fan luv, blows us away including casts and crew of 30 Rock, Lost, Starter Wife + Entourage. All my faves!

Toby Young Wonders About Best Boobs at Emmys; Boulud Dreams of