Three Chicago Restaurants That Are ‘Worth The Money’

For its October issue, Gourmet rounded up restaurants throughout the country that it thinks are “worth the money” — considering most people’s tightened budgets, these are “restaurants you can trust to provide exceptional food and a memorable experience every single time, guaranteed.” So which Chicago places made the cut?

Surprising absolutely nobody, perennial bang-for-buck frontrunner Alinea is on the list — deservedly so, as Gourmet notes that “after eating just one dinner here, you’ll never think about restaurants—or about food itself, for that matter—in quite the same way again.” Coming more out of left field are the inclusions of Urban Belly and — wait for it — Wow Bao, whose different-but-equally-delicious attempts to update the humble dumpling stand, in Gourmet’s opinion, to usurp the hot dog as Chicago’s iconic street food.

If you’re really talking getting the most out of your money, we might also have sprung to include Hot Doug’s (say what you will about the ethics of the issue, you won’t get more foie gras for your dollar than with his $9 foie-and-sauternes duck dog) and the stunningly inexpensive-for-what-you-get tasting menu at Schwa. What would you include?

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Three Chicago Restaurants That Are ‘Worth The Money’