This Weekend: Chicago Gourmet, CPR’s Chef Battle, And More

Don’t you dare complain that you don’t have a food-related event or activity to attend this weekend. That is just flat-out lying.

Chicago Gourmet marks its second year with a (hopefully) triumphant return to Millennium Park. A serious who’s-who of culinary talent pairs up with sponsorship from liquor behemoth Southern Wine & Spirits, for a weekend full of demos, tastings, and copious wine. Saturday and Sunday, Millennium Park. $150/day.

• Pump some Iron with Chicago Public Radio’s Chicago Chef Battle, a Goose Island-sponsored evening that pits chefs Jill Barron of Mana Food Bar, Ben Sheagren of Hopleaf, and Jared Van Camp of Old Town Social against one another in a culinary fight to the finish. Onlookers get to taste, judge, and drink free beer. Saturday, 7 p.m. at Catalyst Ranch. Tickets $15, buy here.

• Sixteen Chicago resturants compete to make the best ribs at Moonshine’s second annual Rib-A-Que Smokeout, for a panel of celeb judges including Stephanie Izard. Moonshine, noon-6pm. Tickets $25, call 773-862-8686, or $35 at the door.

Grub Street will be running on a skeleton crew Monday, as we’ll be off atoning and thinking about anything but food. See you bright and early (and well-fed) on Tuesday!

This Weekend: Chicago Gourmet, CPR’s Chef Battle, And More