‘The Waiter Said Our Friend Peed on Him’

Yelpers have complained about the service at Village Yokocho (a.k.a. that place you go through to get to Angel’s Share) — for instance, one claims a waitress chased after him when he left only a 13 percent tip. But this has to be the most amazing.

Last Friday I went to Yokocho with 3 other Japanese friends. We had a really good time until we left there.

As soon as we got out of Yokocho and went downstairs, one of the waiters came after us and said he needed to talk to one of us complaining that our friend peed on him. Our friend didn’t even leave our table until we all left Yokocho together!! But the waiter kept saying that our friend did it. We were like “what the f**k?” He seemed to be on drug …

Too bad that I liked Yokocho because it’s pretty decent among Japanese Izakaya in East Village but I will never go back there again just because of the CRAZY waiter. I don’t want to be poisoned …

Remember, kids: Never piss your waiter off.

‘The Waiter Said Our Friend Peed on Him’