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The Ubiquitous Cast of Wichita

“And then I ate a burrito! And then I ate a lobster roll! And then I ate…” Photo: [177]/Flickr

Tom Cruise, in town to film Wichita alongside Cameron Diaz, may have broken Kid Rock’s most sightings per week record with at least four meals out. The Wichita cast weren’t the only A-listers in the Hub this week, however: Rosario Dawson was out and about, and even Rachel Zoe (shut it down! we die!) was spotted.

Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse: Tom Cruise lunched with his son, Connor. [Inside Track/Herald]

Antico Forno: Rosario Dawson noshed on appetizers and drank a martini at the bar. [Inside Track/Herald]

Atlantic Fish Company: Tom Cruise ate clams and a lobster roll while dining with his children. [Names/Globe]

Avila: Larry David stopped in for dinner. [Inside Track/Herald]

B&G; Oysters: Rosario Dawson bit into bivalves. [Inside Track/Herald]

Boloco: Tom Cruise enjoyed a burrito on the patio. [Inside Track/Herald]

Davio’s: Pat Sajak consumed Philly spring rolls, lobster risotto, and halibut. [Inside Track/Herald]

Figs: Cameron Diaz stopped in with a few friends. [Inside Track/Herald]

Mooo….: Cameron Diaz ate breakfast after a workout. [Inside Track/Herald]

Rocca: Rachel Zoe popped in. [Names/Globe]

Sonsie: Tom Cruise ate pizza and burgers with his son and some family friends. [Grub Street]

Stephanie’s on Newbury: Sox infielder Nick Green lunched on the patio. [Inside Track/Herald]

Stephanie’s on Newbury: Andy Garcia stopped in for a bite. [Inside Track/Herald]

Tresca: Kevin James tried the tasting menu along with eight friends. Inside Track/Herald]

The Ubiquitous Cast of Wichita