Taste What Got Accarrino Hired at SPQR

Photo: Courtesy SPQR

We’ve already mentioned a lot of the new additions you can expect at SPQR when it reopens tomorrow: They take reservations now, but even if you don’t get one (they’re only going to reserve half the dining room), the wait is a little easier thanks to a new waiting area. For those who love bench seating, you can expect banquettes now. In addition to new chef Matt Accarrino, they’ve brought on Michael Kim from Yountville’s Redd as sous chef. There’s a new, larger wine list, but the real fun is in the new menu, which includes some of the dishes that got Accarrino hired when he cooked them for the restaurant’s owners. The veal sweetbreads with wild fennel soffritto and the pecorino and date-stuffed quail were both on that trial menu. Check out the rest of the new menu below.


6 Marinated Olives & Spiced Nuts
3 SPQR Grape & Olive Focaccia
9 Fiarelli Peppers, Meyer Lemon & Chili Aioli
9 Griddled Pecorino, Quince, Dandelion & Fried Chestnuts
8 Spiced Sheep’s Ricotta Fritters & Wild Fennel Honey
8 Fried Cauliflower with Garlic, Lemon & Romesco Sauce
6 Brussels Sprouts Leaves, Chili Oil & Almonds
9 Lobster “Frittele”, Truffle Mayonnaise
8 Anson Mills Hushpuppies & Smoked Maple Syrup
9 Ricotta Crostino, Bottarga, Lemon Conserva & Green Onion Butter
8 ‘Fegato di Pollo Crostino’, Arugula, Onion Agrodolce & Fig Condiment
7 Deviled Eggs ‘Al Diavolo’ & White Anchovy


12 Endive Salad, Fuerte Avocado, Globe Artichoke & Citrus
12 Gem Lettuce Salad, Beets, Yali Pear, Walnuts, Pickled Red Onion & Gorgonzola
13 Spanish Mackerel “En Saor”, Raisin, Grapes, Pine Nuts & Mint
16 Wagyu Beef Tartare, Smoked Hen Egg, Caviar & Vegetable Crisps


16 Delicata Squash & Prune Tortellini with Grated Almond & Spiced Bread Crumbs
14 Ricotta Raviolo, Lamb’s Quarter, Fontina & Brown Butter
14 Gnocchi alla Romana, ‘Sciue Sciue’ & Pecorino
15 Goat’s Cheese Tortellini ‘Amatriciana’, Pancetta, Chili & Pecorino ‘Pan Grattato’
15 Spaghetti ‘Carbonara’, Soft Hen Egg, Guanciale & Andante Dairy Pecorino


18 Grilled Swordfish, Borlotti Beans, San Marzano Tomatoes, Chickpeas & Oregano
18 Braised Beef Oxtail & Grilled Short Rib with Semolina Polenta & ‘Sugo Naturale’
17 Pecorino & Date Stuffed Quail, Purslane, Cucumber, Grapes & Farro
18 Veal Sweetbreads, Wild Fennel ‘Soffritto’, Peach, Currants & Pickled Sunchoke

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Taste What Got Accarrino Hired at SPQR