Taqueria Robbed; Hospitals Try to Improve Food Rep

• A trash bag clad man made off with $2000 from East Boston’s Taqueria Cancun. [Universal Hub]

• Hospitals are trying to improve the dismal reputation of their food offerings with moves like hiring sushi chefs and running a nationwide contest for hospital chefs. [WSJ]

• Champagne producers agreed to pick 32 percent fewer grapes this year in response to decreased sales worldwide. [WSJ]

• Airlines are revamping their coach food offerings to try to turn meals into a moneymaking enterprise. [WSJ]

• Dunkin’ Donuts has been involved in 356 lawsuits with franchisees over the past three years. [NYP]

• A new Oreos campaign featured Donald Trump challenging the Mannings to a “lick race.” [The Hater/ A.V. Club]

• Consulting firm Minds+Machines is suing Wolfgang Puck for the failed .food domain name deal. [Eat Me Daily]

Taqueria Robbed; Hospitals Try to Improve Food Rep