Support for the Fluffernutter; Following Brookline’s Meal Tax

• Representative Tim Toomey is a strong supporter of naming the fluffernutter as State Sandwich: “It’s a timely coincidence we would be talking about Fluff right after I restocked with a couple jars. Fluff is a delicious treat (to enjoy in moderation, of course) and makes for a great sandwich snack.” [Unlikely Words]
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• The money raised by Brookline’s meal tax will go toward the town’s pension fund. [Brookline TAB Blog]

• Harvard Square hot dog man Ali Riza Balyemez on Ken Reeves’ comment that his stand “just doesn’t work”: “[He] has to respect an over 200-year tradition of hot dogs in America. He should watch the Travel Channel.” [Cambridge Chronicle]

• Beer is increasingly being served with cheese plates. [WSJ]

• Legendary cookbook editor Judith Jones raises her own cattle. [NYT]

• Nutritionists recommend filling up on whole grains and avoiding sodium the night before fasting for Yom Kippur. [Tablet]

• A new study finds that energy drinks should not be used to keep you awake while driving. [NYDN]

• The IACP cookbook awards have added three new categories: children, youth, and family, culinary history, and professional kitchens (books written for career chefs rather than home cooks). [Eat Me Daily]

Support for the Fluffernutter; Following Brookline’s Meal Tax