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Student Orientation: Where and What to Eat

Photo: Ducali

It’s Moving Day and, just as it does every year, Boston’s population is swelling with thousands of students. Welcome, guys! Deciding what restaurants to frequent is a matter of only slightly more importance than deciding on your class schedule and which hallmate you’re going to put the moves on. Fortunately, there have been plenty of new openings since school let out for the summer and we’ve got recommendations for you all.

Boston College: Habibi’s Lounge is that rarest of Boston entities: a hip place to go at night if you’re under 21. Smoke some hookah and nosh on Middle Eastern treats until 1 a.m. on weekdays and 2 on weekends.

Boston University: Olecito’s Commonwealth branch is finally open and the prices are student-friendly: think $5.50 for a super-stuffed burrito or $6.75 for a torta filled with three kinds of cheese, chile relleno, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Emerson & Suffolk: You’ll be thankful Ducali on nights when you find yourself stumbling home at midnight. Simply down some Italian nachos (pizza dough chips with mozzarella, hot red pepper, and salami) and stop that hangover before it starts. For more late night eats, check out our comprehensive list.

Harvard: Falafel Corner has finally brought quality Middle Eastern food to Harvard Square. Keep it healthy with a fat-free yogurt cucumber salad (only $2.99!) or house a shawarma wrap. The best part: It’s open until 3 a.m.

MIT: College students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of The Friendly Toast’s breakfast-focused menu. It gets crowded on the weekends, but as long as you’re creative about your course scheduling, you can down green eggs and ham sans lines on weekdays.

Student Orientation: Where and What to Eat