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Stephen Starr Out at The Chelsea in Atlantic City

Photo: Courtesy The Chelsea Hotel

The Press of Atlantic City breaks the news and has confirmed it via a joint statement from Stephen Starr and the hotel’s developer Curtis Bashaw: Stephen Starr and his company are no longer affiliated with the boutique hotel. Meaning Starr Restaurant Organization will no longer oversee the two restaurants they created for The Chelsea when the hotel opened in August of last year. However, both restaurants (Chelsea Prime and Teplitzky’s) will remain open and will now be overseen by the hotel’s food and beverage operations. Also, The Press of Atlantic City reports that “most of the staff was retained, including Executive Chef Thomas von Muenster and Chelsea Prime Executive Chef Jason Hanin.” See the amicable angle Starr and Bashaw take on the split below.

“Starr Restaurants have made The Chelsea renowned for excellence in food and beverage,” said Chelsea developer and co-managing partner Curtis J. Bashaw in a statement. “I thank Stephen Starr for his vision and ongoing personal involvement throughout the first year of operation. I also thank Stephen’s entire team for their relentless dedication to excellence and for identifying and training the team that will continue to run our restaurants, bars, catering service and kitchens.”

“With The Chelsea set up for success, we are confident in The Chelsea team’s ability to manage these venues in keeping with the high standards for which Starr Restaurants is known,” Starr said in the same statement. “We look forward to collaborating with Cape Resorts Group, developer and owner of The Chelsea, on future projects.”

At least they waited until after Labor Day to end it.

Stephen Starr calls it quits at The Chelsea [The Press of Atlantic City]

Stephen Starr Out at The Chelsea in Atlantic City