Stabbing at Avenue; Massachusetts Dairy Farms in Trouble

• Two men were stabbed at Avenue in Allston after a Friday night bar fight. [Universal Hub]

• A new program is encouraging consumers to buy local dairy products to help ailing Massachusetts farms. [Globe]

• Increased air temperatures due to climate change are negatively affecting the hops used to make pilsner. [New Scientist via Gawker]

• Despite its similarity to his own book Heat, Bill Buford approves of Julie Powell’s forthcoming butchery memoir Cleaved. [NYP]

• Many Cadbury fans spurn the American-made versions of the brand’s chocolates. [WSJ]

• Beer sales are on the rise in college football stadiums. [WSJ]

• Pennsylvania’s wineries are growing in prestige. [NYDN]

• Mystery solved: the illness that sickened over 500 people at England’s famed restaurant The Fat Duck was caused by shoddy shellfish and hygiene. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Three of Paula Deen’s QVC cast iron pans have been recalled because they can crack or shatter upon heating. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Stabbing at Avenue; Massachusetts Dairy Farms in Trouble