Rice Cakes Recalled; BPAs Are Not Banned in Baby Bottles

• Shil la Dang of Gardena is recalling its rice cakes as potential allergens have not been listed in the ingredients. [KHTS AM 1220]

• A bill attempting to ban the use of possibly harmful bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles and cups has failed, falling six votes short in the State Assembly. [Plastic News]

• A bill to stop purchase of alcoholic beverages at self-checkout lines in California has been pulled from the Senate, but will most likely resurface. [DUI Attorney]

• Kraft employees in Buenos Aires are calling for solidarity efforts against the company, as decreased hygiene in plants has allegedly led to H1N1 outbreaks among workers. [Chicago Indymedia]

• Omega 3s, found naturally in salmon and other foods, are being seriously studied as potential treatments for everything from Alzheimer’s to arthritis. [WSJ]

• Vietnam’s state-run breweries are nervous about an influx of competition from Western beers. [WSJ]

• After its initial bid to buy British candymaker Cadbury fell through, Kraft foods is rallying for a second attempt. [Crain’s Chicago]

• Coca-Cola is claiming a second former manager from their bottling plant in China has been detained on suspicion of accepting bribes. [NYT]

Rice Cakes Recalled; BPAs Are Not Banned in Baby Bottles