Openings Preview: Motorino’s Menu

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

You may not be able to visit the new Motorino until Monday, but Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld wrote an opening preview that will leave you dreaming of pies all weekend long. Read that, and then consult the full menu, below.

Basket of toasted bread w/ pecorino, oregano and olive oil
Marinated olives
Roasted mortadella / mostarda di frutta
Cubed heirloom tomatoes / garlic / sea salt
Octopus “conserva” in olive oil
Oven-roasted brocolini / garlic/ chili / pecorino

(Bufala mozzarella only)

Marinara / tomato / oregano / garlic
Margherita / tomato/ mozzarella / basil
Stracciatella / basil / olive oil / sea salt
Filetti / mozz /cherry tomatoes / thyme
Spicy Sopresatta / tomato / chili /mozzarella
Scamorzza di Bufala / squash / pancetta / oregano
Verde / mozzarella / anchovy/ garlic/ arugula

Pizza available to take away in a pizza box or folded in paper.

Soft-serve ice cream / vanilla or chocolate
Seasonal fruit / add passion fruit

Italian and regional beer and wine
Lavazza Espresso

Motorino, 349 E. 12th St., nr. First Ave.; 212-777-2644

Openings: Motorino [NYM]

Openings Preview: Motorino’s Menu