No More Herrell’s for Harvard

Photo: Herrell’s

Just one week after Herrell’s Harvard Square manager Devin Lannen told us that the shop would be undergoing “major changes”, owner Jeffrey Stanett tells the Crimson that Herrell’s, as we know it, will close entirely and be replaced by First Printer Restaurant and Grill, a casual restaurant. Stanett attributes the shuttering to increased rents and the opening of a J.P. Licks nearby. In an ironic twist, J.P. Licks may provide First Printer with ice cream. The closure of the Dunster Street Herrell’s also leaves Boston Herrell’s-less, since the chain’s Allston location left the company in June. Just one more reason to visit Northampton!

Herrell’s Ice Cream to Stop Serving [Crimson]

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No More Herrell’s for Harvard