The New York Diet

Sessilee Lopez Kicks Off Fashion Week With Bodega Coffee and Outback Steakhouse

During fashion week, model Sessilee Lopez avoids desserts like this apple pie at the Pink Tea Cup.
During fashion week, model Sessilee Lopez avoids desserts like this apple pie at the Pink Tea Cup. Photo: Melissa Hom

Model Sessilee Lopez walked 21 shows for February’s Fashion Week, which she credits to scoring the cover of the all-black-models Italian Vogue in July 2008. This season she wants to beat her record, if only by a hair. “It’d be nice to do 22 or more,” she says. Shows for NY Diet alumna Rachel Roy and Arise Collective are booked so far, and she’ll continue with castings through the week. “You can get called in for a fitting the night before the show,” Lopez adds. Lopez may eschew partying to spare her complexion, but her assets hold their own against chain restaurants in this week’s New York Diet.

Friday, September 4

I had a coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a croissant from my neighborhood deli in Spanish Harlem. I live with my sister.

For lunch, I met up with a friend and had a falafel from Chickpea. I had it really spicy. I don’t remember the sauce’s name. It was my second time having falafel. I had it with a Coke.

For dinner, I had shrimp-scampi pasta — I was being a little bad — from Uno’s on 86th and Second, and a Coca-Cola as well.

Saturday, September 5
On my way to a Jill Stuart casting, I had a coffee and a fruit salad from Starbucks. I like my coffee really, really sweet. Light and sweet, like a New Yorker, I guess. I was told it was like a New Yorker.

After, I had a huge tossed salad from Big Daddy’s Diner on Park and 20th Street: greens and tomatoes and cucumbers and stuff like that. And vinaigrette dressing. I love to have vinaigrette; it’s much lighter and refreshing.

After the salad and before the Rosa Chá casting I just had a green apple from Whole Foods on Houston. I was trying to hold out and go after the casting but I was just so hungry and I was like ‘I just gotta have something.’ Usually, I like to wait until the casting’s over to eat when there’s bathing suits and stuff, if it’s possible, so that I’m not, you know, fat.

I went to Sushi Lounge on Avenue A and St. Marks and I had huge sushi rolls — a salmon roll and a California roll — a miso soup, and green tea.

I don’t really go out unless it’s for an event or something. I try to avoid alcohol during fashion week for my skin. I don’t like to put a lot of bad stuff in me during fashion week because it will eventually come out. And it would be just my luck to have a huge pimple on my face, so I try to avoid the possibility.

Sunday, September 6
I went to McDonald’s for breakfast and got a No. 2, which was an Egg McMuffin and a coffee.

I had a Snickers, ha, in the 42nd Street subway station. I got that on my way to another casting. Oh, no, I go for it all in just one sitting. I think that’s the best way to enjoy chocolate.

After the Snickers, I made a chicken Caesar salad at my house. I just put it on the George Forman grill and I chopped it up and put it in the salad.

Monday, September 7
I had a breakfast of coffee at Starbucks on Spring and Crosby Streets right before my Marc Jacobs casting.

Then for lunch I had a slice of pizza from a famous place on 42nd Street and Ninth Ave. Like the best pizza in the world for a dollar? The best. I guess it’s called dollar pizza because that’s what’s on all the signs. But, it’s amazing. To drink, a Coca-Cola.

For dinner I had grilled salmon, white rice, and broccoli. I made it at home.

Tuesday, September 8
On Tuesday I had a fruit salad and a cappuccino from Starbucks on Spring and Crosby.

I had a grilled-cheese sandwich from Subway on 14th and Sixth.

After Subway, I went to Outback Steakhouse, and got some more salmon. Grilled salmon and mashed potatoes and spinach. I went with my boyfriend, Wendell Lissamore. Our diets vary because, you know, I like to look after my weight and try to take care as much as I can, and he can eat whatever he wants. Him eating bacon cheeseburgers doesn’t really help, but [usually] I have my Caesar salad.

I’ve been going to Outback with my parents since I was a little kid. I know the menu like the back of my hand. So yeah, I pretty much like to go to the same places over and over. Good service, I know what I’m gonna get. No dessert. Never dessert. Not during Fashion Week. My boyfriend stays away from them, too.

Wednesday, September 9
I had a coffee my neighborhood deli at 5:45 a.m. because I had the Demarchelier shoot in Bryant Park at 7 a.m. There was 100 of us models. We had to run across Sixth Avenue to the tents in like six-inch heels for Patrick Demarchelier, so that was really interesting, stopping traffic. It’s for American Vogue; I think the November issue.

And after the coffee I had another coffee, and a ham-and-cheese panini from Pax on 40th and Sixth, right by the train.

During Fashion Week, it’s kind of interesting. Some girls do cleansers and fasting and some girls just do salads and stuff like that, so they don’t really come with me when I go to McDonald’s. I end up eating alone a lot. But it’s all good.

I work out A LOT. I do kickboxing and aerobics, so I’ll work it off. I mean, if I didn’t eat, I wouldn’t have to work out, but you know, that would make life a little hard for myself. I think food is one of the best luxuries of life, so I cannot not have a good meal.

Tonight, I have an event to go to. If I finish early, maybe I’ll be able to cook something, but if not, I think I might order Chinese food. I love — I live for — shrimp egg fu young and white rice. Oh my gosh I think it’s genius. I’ve had it since I was kid. My mother doesn’t really cook, but that’s the one thing that she knows how to make, randomly, Chinese food. All the gravy, it’s like the fattiest thing that you could possibly eat, but I think I deserve it. Today’s been a long day.

Sessilee Lopez Kicks Off Fashion Week With Bodega Coffee and Outback Steakhouse