Local Brewers Bring Home the Gold; ‘Ecokosher’ Has Philly Roots

• Local brewers scored gold, silver and bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival this weekend - including a gold for Flying Fish’s homage to the New Jersey Turnpike, Exit 4. [Brew Lounge]

• Is ‘Ecokosher’ the next big thing? [Inquirer]

Zahav chef Mike Solomonov writes his love letter to Philly. [uwishunu]

• Craig LaBan gives his good word to the City Paper. [Meal Ticket]

• Takeru Kobayashi may have failed to oust champ Joey Chestnut during this summer’s hot-dog-eating contest, but he took back the hamburger title at yesterday’s Krystal Square Off. In eight minutes, he downed 93 Krystals to Chestnut’s 81.

• At a food security summit on Saturday, “Secretary Clinton spoke about the U.S. plan to commit at least $3.5 billion over the next three years to help boost food production worldwide.” [Examiner]

• Celebrity chefs confess their guilty pleasures: Wolfgang Puck loves Parisian macarons, Tom Colicchio has a taste for Wagyu beef, and Erc Ripert has “no guilt, I always indulge.” Only Batali cops to lime Doritos. [Slashfood]

• “Like bánh mì sandwiches and sriracha chile sauce, the young coconut and its juice is the latest formerly humble food to be discovered by New York City’s style set” (a.k.a. kids in Williamsburg). [Daily Intel]

• One of New York’s last seltzer deliverymen fell off his truck and will not work for several weeks, and customers are worried about not having enough seltzer. [NYT]

Local Brewers Bring Home the Gold; ‘Ecokosher’ Has Philly Roots