Bellevue Turns 105; Franklin Fountain Will Fix Your Hat

• The Bellevue Hotel celebrated its 105th birthday yesterday with a “timeline” cake, outlining the history of the hotel, created by XIX’s pastry chef Mark Maslowski. We’re wondering - did the timeline include the Legionnaire’s disease outbreak? [Inside the Bellevue]

• The Franklin Fountain isn’t just about ice cream. The Berley Brothers are now brokering haberdashery services for vintage hats. [The Scoop]

• Chef Guy Savoy cooked at Le Bec-Fin with Georges Perrier [Meal Ticket]

• Why get your jaw wired shut to lose weight when you can get a tongue patch installed that makes eating painful? []

• A California grower has recalled over 1,000 cases of spinach after salmonella was found during routine testing. [LA Times]

• Somalia is facing its worst food crisis since the famine 18 years ago, thanks to a combination of drought and political instability. [AFP]

• A new study questions the idea that people turn to comfort foods in times of instability; showing instead that comforting foods tend to be eaten during comfortable times. [Science Daily]

• Organics purveyors in Britain are trying to find ways to revive recession-based flagging sales. [BBC]

Bellevue Turns 105; Franklin Fountain Will Fix Your Hat