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Mark Peel Has Plans for The Point and The Tar Pit

Photo: The Point

While we await Mark Peel’s forthcoming cookbook, the Campanile chef/owner is expanding his holdings by purchasing The Point in Culver City, with plans for a tentative opening this Monday. Squid Ink brings the sale to our attention while noting that The Point is the recently shuttered second restaurant from Beacon’s power couple, Kazuto Matsusaka and Vicki Fan. Peel dishes that Matsusaka and he go back to stints cooking at Ma Maison, Michael’s, and Spago, and that the Japanese chef even taught him “how to fillet a fish.”

Jay Perrin, a Point co-owner tells us the location will be “a deli through Mark Peel’s eyes.” Serving breakfast and lunch, prices will be much lower than Campanile, while the market-driven food stays somewhat high-end. Though dinner and booze will not be served, an evening of Italian appertifs and charcuterie is in store.

We also noticed an inactive icon for “The Tar Pit” on The Point’s website and asked what that is all about. Perrin tells us he and Peel have been working on the concept of an art moderne, 1940’s-style Hollywood cocktail haunt for many years now, and involves a big name from NYC, though he cannot disclose more at the moment. Perrin does promise “something very exciting and something that L.A. has never seen before” at The Tar Pit, promising to put Hollywood’s cocktail scene on the right path.

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Mark Peel Has Plans for The Point and The Tar Pit