Little Chitaly Welcomes India

Photo: Daniel Maurer

A new Indian takeout joint ain’t much to get excited about, especially when the place doesn’t stray from the classics, but this tiny Halal newcomer is notable because Little Chitaly doesn’t have many subcontinental options. Welcome to India, which replaces a dumpling spot that served fish heads for cheap, comes from the former owners of midtown’s Joy of India, and the chef, Kukun Jubir, is freshly arrived from an Indian restaurant in Tokyo. Jubir is said to be preparing all of the dishes fresh every day rather than cooking and freezing them, and he’s taking what we’re told is an unusual step of cooking kati rolls in a tandoor (or clay oven), so that the beef is leaner. Here’s the menu — delivery is free in between Orchard Street and Greene Street and E 3rd St. to Worth Street. One more thing to note: Welcome to India is open relatively late for this area, till 11 p.m.

Chicken curry - $6.95
Chicken tikka masala (boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a hot tomato based sauce flavored with fresh Indian herbs) - $6.95
Chicken karahi (chicken pieces cooked with fresh tomatoes, green chilies, ginger and spices) - $6.95
Chicken saag (boneless chicken pieces gently cooked with spinach in sauce) - $6.95
Chicken vindaloo (chicken cooked with hot and spicy sauce) - $6.95
Chicken korma (cooked with special spice with almond sauce) - $6.95

Vegetable somosa - $1.50

Lamb curry - $7.95
Lamb vindaloo - $7.95
Lamb karahi - $7.95
Lamb saag - $7.95
Lamb korma - $7.95

Beef karahi - $7.95
Beef saag - $7.95
Beef curry - $7.95

Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower cooked with special spices) - $5.95
Saag paneer (cottage cheese cooked with spinach and spices) - $5.95
Channa masala (chickpeas cooked with thick special sauce) - $5.95
Vegetables of the day - $5.95

Nann / roti - $1.50
Garlic naan - $2.95
Onion kulacha - $2.95

Kheer (Indian style rice pudding) - $2.95

Tandoor (Clay Oven)

Shish Kabob (Chicken) - 4 pieces - $7.95
Chicken tikka (boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and freshly ground spices, cooked on a skewer over charcoal) - 7 pieces - $7.95
Boti kabob (chicken pieces marinated with yogurt cooked in tandoor) - $8.95

Express Meal
Vegetable curry with rice - $3.95
Chicken curry with rice - $4.95
Lamb curry with rice - $5.95

Rice Special
Chicken biryani - $7.95
Lamb biryani - $8.95

Kati Roll
Chicken - $3.95
Beef - $3.95
Egg - $3.49
Vegetable - $3.49

Vegetable platter (choice of two vegetable dishes from main course) - $5.95
Combination platter (choice of one vegetable and one meat from main course) - $6.95
Meat platter (choice of two meats from main course) - $7.95
Shish kabob roll - $3.95
No carb platter (choice of two vegetables from main course) - $8.95

Bomoni (choice of one curry, one tandoor, one vegetable, naan and rice) - $9.95

Joy of India, 369 Broome St., nr. Mott St.; 212-334-9145 or 212-334-9144

Little Chitaly Welcomes India