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User’s Guide: Late-Night Dining for All-Night BART

With the Bay Bridge closed and the trains open, East Bay residents get a rare chance to stay out as late as they want in the city and still get home on BART. Former Oaklanders ourselves, we know how special that can feel, so we thought we’d offer a couple of dining suggestions to take advantage of that temporary bit of freedom known in some cities as usable public transit. It’s too bad they have to rebuild the bridge to make this happen, but as long as that’s what it takes, perhaps a renovation of the western span is in order next. Below, find a couple of possible itineraries that take full advantage of the long weekend’s long BART hours.

• Not only is Heaven’s Dog open late, they’re doing complimentary dim sum at 11:30 p.m. Instead of finishing with that as a late-night snack before sprinting to the train as you’d normally do, why not view it as an appetizer? Have a few cocktails at the bar, take advantage of the dim sum, grab a bowl of noodles after midnight, then go get in trouble in SOMA until whenever you want. There are two nights of punk rock karaoke at Annie’s Social Club this weekend, and you’re also a short walk from Club Six, Slim’s, and the Eagle.

• If North Beach is your bag, consider hitting up the Globe. Open till 1 a.m., it’s a good stop for a civilized, multi-course dinner on the edge the neighborhood to offset your night of revelry. While Columbus Avenue swarms with pizza slices and lukewarm burritos three blocks to the west, you can find tuna tartare, polenta with mascarpone, and braised lamb shoulder on a quiet block of Pacific Avenue. Then head up for a nightcap at the Tosca Cafe. If you stumble into some after-hours club and forget about BART altogether, remember that Vesuvio Cafe opens at 6 a.m.

• Out in the Mission, you can set aside those hurried burritos at BART-adjacent El Farolito and take a leisurely stroll up to Beretta, where until 1 a.m. you can get a decent cocktail and a plate of food that took longer than a minute to make. Fritto Misto recently got some high praise on this very blog, and the antipasti and pizzas are a good bet for a table full of boozing friends. We probably don’t have to tell you where to drink nearby, but if we were planning the outing for tonight, we’d be heading up Valencia Street to the Knockout for Oldies Night as soon as we’d drained our Dolores Park Swizzle.

And with that, we’re out early for the long weekend. Have a good one and we’ll see you Tuesday.

User’s Guide: Late-Night Dining for All-Night BART