Landlord Sues Bouley for $1.3 Million

Photo: Getty Images

Remember the Japanese restaurant David Bouley planned to open with Yoshiki Tsuji of the distinguished Tsuji Culinary Academy a couple of years ago? Brushstroke was going to go into 111 West Broadway, but after Secession flopped, Bouley decided to install it in that space instead. Now, according to the Post, the landlord of 111 West Broadway is suing Bouley for $23,000 per month that he says hasn’t been paid since October of 2007, as well as over $1 million in construction work. Between this and the struggle to get a liquor license for the restaurant, Brushstroke proved to be a real lodestone. Bouley doesn’t give the Post comment, but this Craigslist ad, at least, is upbeat: “The restaurant group is rapidly expanding with many opportunities for advancement coming in the near future.”

Landlord Pans Bouley in $1.3M Rent Lawsuit [NYP]

Update: Was Bouley Suit Originally Dismissed?

Landlord Sues Bouley for $1.3 Million