Kolaches Get Their Moment Today, But What About Pasties?

Kolaches and a pasty.
Kolaches and a pasty. Photo: Courtesy of Kolache Mama / Wikipedia

Kolache Mama opened today outside of the Roosevelt Hotel (a Yelper has already weighed in about her free breakfast: “My first impression is that this is an extremely strong concept, flawlessly executed.”). The chain specializes in kolaches, an overstuffed Czech pastry (traditionally filled with poppy seed, blueberry, cheese, and the like) that takes the form of something resembling a pig-in-the-blanket in Texas. Kolache Mama offers Texas-inspired varieties (with ingredients like jalapeño-cheese sausage, garlic sausage, and “the pizza works”) as well as the sweet stuff. Since kolaches are also popular with Michiganders, this makes us wonder: When will we see a chain devoted to pasties, the Cornish beef, potato, and onion pies (similar to an empanada) that are beloved in the Midwest?

You may recall Pinky’s Pasties from the Montana episode of No Reservations, and Lawry’s Pasty Shop appeared on a recent episode of NPR’s “Weekend Edition” about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (“yoopers” hold a Pasty Fest every year). English-style pasties are served at Tea & Sympathy, but isn’t it time for some Williamsburg bar to bust out a pasty-and-PBR special? Maybe the new Ontario Bar, given the U.P.’s proximity to Canada?

Kolache Mama, 45 E. 45th St., nr. Madison Ave.;

Kolaches Get Their Moment Today, But What About Pasties?