Jesse Camp Goes Pee Pee Off the Boom Boom Room’s Roof

Photo: UrbanDaddy

UrbanDaddy has a few interior shots of the Standard Hotel’s much ballyhooed Boom Boom Room — the first ones yet. Our reporter Shira Levine attended the Purple party on Sunday, and, among others, she spoke to former/forgotten MTV V.J. Jesse Camp. Why Jesse Camp? Well, because he became the talk of the party after he … well, maybe you better just read the transcript.

Everyone is talking about how you peed off the roof of the hotel half an hour ago.
I’m not going to lie, man; I peed off the roof. But honestly what’s that in the name of a good time? I mean, I keep it real. You know, we’re just having a good time here. I didn’t break a city law. No one can say that.

I think you did break a city law. I don’t think peeing off roofs is exactly legal.
I didn’t know I was going to do that, so can you even blame me? So, like, fine — come and arrest me.

What have you been doing for the past hour?
I’ve just been partying here and having a good time, peeing off roofs and stuff. I mean I think peeing is what you do when you got to go. It’s cool enough to be Jesus-like and ask the question did he or did he not pee off the roof? I mean, he might have peed off the roof. I mean, people need to understand that on a human level that’s a cool place and a righteous spot and you have to love life and you need to shine because it fuels the love and it’s beautiful and let it live.

You are actually making me nervous. I don’t even want to record this with you anymore
No, stop, really. I take it there, but I’m honestly, I’m straight as an arrow. I’m twelve-step program. I’m sober as a kanober.

So you peed off the roof of The Standard, sober?
Yep, I did. I am that crazy. You’re right. I’m not a saint — what can I say?

I don’t think it’s so crazy. I just kind of think it’s gross for the people below that you peed on.
I meant no harm by it. That’s crazy. You people don’t know anything about velocity. It’s like cigarette smoke. They think you can start a forest fire or burn a house down with cigarette smoke and it’s impossible. Same thing with the chances of peeing over a railing from a tall building getting anyone wet. It’s not going to happen from this far up are you kidding me? It’s going hit like a duct or something. There is no way. I have six and half inches of utter cute dick and it’s just not going to pee down far enough to hit people on the street with water. It’s just going to hit a storm duct or something. There is no chance I am going to hurt someone with my peeing. It was more just a fucking attitude of freedom and wanting to instill the independence of everyone here.

Actually, Camp wasn’t the only one to let free the pee this weekend. An attendee of the Nicholas Kirkwood trunk show and party at Tribeca Grand on Saturday witnessed a hotel guest peeing from the third floor down onto some bar stools (our spy narrowly escaped getting splashed). Partygoers yelled at the expectorator, but apparently no action was taken against him. Then, of course, there’s the story about a diner supposedly peeing on a waiter at Village Yokocho. What in the world, people? Anyway, we’re curious whether the Standard is as forgiving of public urination as it is about public nudity.

Jesse Camp Goes Pee Pee Off the Boom Boom Room’s Roof