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Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Last Stand

Photo: Fox

It was finally curtains for Andy Husbands on last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Despite a strong showing in the first challenge and earning our love for being the only blue team contestant to embrace a meal of headcheese, the Tremont 647 chef was sent packing after a disastrous dinner service wherein he forgot what was on the menu and, essentially, had to watch as teammates prepared his dishes.

To be fair, Husbands had mandolined the crap out of three of his fingers. Nonetheless, Hell’s Kitchen stops for no man and while we’re sad to see our hometown guy go, we’re grateful not to have to watch this show anymore. A few more thoughts on the episode:

• Seriously, how could no one figure out how to make a crepe? They didn’t even have to flip it in a pan!

• On the subject of crepe-making: Dave’s crepe literally looked like literal poo. Gross.

• We really hate the Britney Spears circa 2004 hat that Ariel wears whenever the women go out for a challenge reward.

• Speaking of challenge rewards: having to put on mime makeup and take a miming class is not a reward. It is a punishment.

• We will not be doing any more recaps (or, frankly, watching this trainwreck of a show) now that Andy’s gone, but we would like to say that our money is on Ariel or Kevin to win.

Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Last Stand