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Gus & Gabriel Is ‘Obscene’; Ed’s Chowder House Has Promise

Gus & Gabriel “fills a void in New York, offering fatty foods rarely encountered outside the Midwest. Much of it is delicious, and nearly all of it is obscene,” says Jay Cheshes. [TONY]
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“Of everything Hotel Griffou offers, the drinks are the easiest things to swallow. They helped buff the rough edges of the food that followed,” writes Pete Wells. [NYT]
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At Ed’s Chowder House, “the challenge will be … turning out food as good as it is tonight after [chef Ed] Brown decides he feels comfortable enough to shift his focus back to his own uptown estate,” predicts Gael Greene. [Insatiable Critic]
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Vintage décor at sports tavern Warren 77, co-owned by Sean Avery, “seems to signify that the owners were more interested in style than sweat,” writes Andrea Thompson. [NYer]
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“Nonvegetarian regional South Indian fare is surfacing like a submarine,” says Robert Sietsema, who finds Coconut Grove to be a “sweet addition to Curry Hill.” [VV]

Gus & Gabriel Is ‘Obscene’; Ed’s Chowder House Has Promise