Fluffernutters Could Recieve a Cruical State Endorsement

The Massachusetts Legislature is set to go on a state-food-naming binge tomorrow, reports the Globe. On the table are State Sandwich (fluffernutter!), State Candy (Necco Wafers), and State Candy Bar (Charleston Chew), which would join the five existing state foods: State Bean (navy), State Berry (cranberry), State Dessert (Boston cream pie), State Cookie (chocolate chip), and State Donut (Boston creme). As is generally the case, the bills were proposed by school children. A group of Wakefield Girl Scouts were responsible for the Charleston Chew bill. Says Representative Mark Falzone, “They testified not only on the tastiness of the candy bar, but they also danced the Charleston.” How your state symbol sausage gets made!

No disrespect to Necco wafers or Charleston Chews, but the real excitement here is the fluffernutter. Not only would the sandwich’s sanctification be something to celebrate at this weekend’s What the Fluff? Festival, but it’s a true underdog story — a previous attempt to name it as State Sandwich was defeated, and, in 2006, State Senator Jarrett Barrios sought to limit the delicious concoction in school lunches.

What official state foods would you like to see? Leave your answers in the comments.

Lawmakers’ Nod Could Sweeten the Day for Fluffernutter Fans [Globe]

Fluffernutters Could Recieve a Cruical State Endorsement