What Would You Serve at the Fair Food Farmstand’s Lunch Counter?

The Fair Food Farmstand reopened in its new digs on the 12th Street side of Reading Terminal Market today. Farmstand manager Sarah Cain says they are still waiting on light fixtures, but other than that, the new Farmstand is shipshape. It has what looks like triple the space - with actual aisles! - two large freezers and a refrigerator for meats and dairy, large display bins for produce and more shelving for dried and pantry goods. More good news: starting Monday, October 5, the Farmstand will be open seven days a week. The new space also has space built in for a lunch counter, where guests will be able to sit and eat a meal made from Farmstand-sourced ingredients. What will be on its menu?

Fair Food’s executive director Ann Karlen says right now she doesn’t know and is giving herself a month to settle in to the new space before starting to think about it, but she is curious to know what YOU, the dining public, would like to eat at the Farmstand’s lunch counter. Here are the criteria:

• The dish has to be made with locally sourced ingredients from the Farmstand
• There’s no exhaust hood, so everything must be prepared on an induction burner, toaster or convection oven or panini press. Sauteing is allowed, deep frying is not.
• They’d like to include some egg dishes - Cain says eggs are “the gateway drug to getting shoppers into the Farmstand.”

So there you have it. We put it to you - what should the Fair Food Farmstand serve? Tell us in the comments and maybe your pick will end up on the Farmstand’s menu. Check out our photo gallery of the Farmstand’s first day in business.

What Would You Serve at the Fair Food Farmstand’s Lunch Counter?