Edible Fun House Will Include One Ton of Ribs and ‘Ice Cream on the Moon’

The biennial performance-art festival Performa 09 opens on October 30, and for the occasion Jennifer Rubell (the author of Real Life Entertaining, the niece of Studio 54 owner Steve, and the daughter of renowned art collectors Donald and Mera) will create what’s described as “a series of food installations and happenings that will lead guests on an interactive food journey through all floors.” Jacques Torres and Mario Batali are listed on the benefit’s invitation, but it’s uncertain whether either of them is involved in the installations. The carnivorous carnival will consist of “one ton of ribs, 250 pots of vegetables, feasting tables for 100, banquet-style, a liquor elevator, concealed cutlery, apple picking, edible-sculpture destruction and other delicious surprises.” The poster also promises “ice cream on the moon” and “spun sugar rain.” Interesting. Contact Grace Kim at 212-366-5700 for ticket information.

If that sounds like a bit much, you might prefer “Art for Restaurants and Interior Design,” an exhibit that launched last night at Chelsea 32, a gallery that’s hidden away not in Chelsea but rather on the Koreatown strip. The gallery’s director, Rachel Kim, tells us she’s been selling paintings mostly to real-estate brokers and dentists’ offices, but she selected the paintings for this exhibit with restaurant walls in mind. Most of the art is abstract, so don’t expect to score a John Stamos.

Edible Fun House Will Include One Ton of Ribs and ‘Ice Cream on the