South End Could Become Stuzzi Central

Stuzzi at Coppa
Stuzzi at Coppa Photo: Coppa

Details are slowly trickling out about Anthony Susi’s second restaurant, a rustic trattoria slated to open in November. The Herald reports that the as-yet-unnamed restaurant will be in the South End and focus heavily on stuzzi, the Italian equivalent of tapas. Hmm. A South End restaurant focused on inexpensive stuzzi. Why does that sound so familiar? Oh right, because it’s basically the exact same concept as Coppa, the forthcoming Jamie Bissonnette/Ken Oringer enoteca. A source close to the project tells us that the stuzzi concept is certainly not set in stone yet - good thing, since we’re not sure the South End can handle two stuzzi spots.

And with that, we’re out for Labor Day! Have an excellent weekend and we’ll see you right back here on Tuesday morning.

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South End Could Become Stuzzi Central