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Recession Dining: Per Se at Home

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The rich don’t disappear during the recession; they simply cower and await the revolution. And while cowering, they still need to eat. Enter Maison Privé, a private-chef service founded by Jennifer Scibelli and James Vellano, two chefs who found love on the line at Per Se and now bring “Michelin quality dining into your home.” They come into your kitchen, charge you money ($70 an hour), cook for you, and no one has to see you eat truffles. Also, it’s a deal.

According to James, “Everything is completely custom, to make sure they get exactly what they want. We do our best to source organic, sustainable products, but some people don’t care, so then it’s much cheaper. It can be as low-end as you want — hamburgers and cheeseburgers — or high-end.” Below is a fourteen-course meal the two prepared for a recent dinner party in Greenwich, Connecticut (obvi!). Cost per person: $260. Compare that to the Per Se tasting menu, and you get five more courses for fifteen fewer dollars. Most important, you don’t have to expose yourself to the scorn of the masses!

Chilled Summer Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho

peppadew peppers, lime pickle, Spanish olive oil

Salmon Caviar

yukon gold potato blini, chive mousseline, scallion salad

Sardine in Saor

golden sultanas, toasted pine nut, sherry vinegar

Tempura Pink Shrimp

tamari glaze, hen-of-the-woods mushroom

Cauliflower Panna Cotta

Kumamoto Oyster

Wagyu Beef Tataki

daikon kimchi

Hearts of Palm Salad

summer citrus, celery, cilantro, sauce vierge

Crispy Skin Florida Snapper

fennel confit, nicoise olive crumble, basil coulis

Butter Poached Lobster Tail

crispy bacon, braised romaine, tomato marmalade

Whole Roasted Quail

fig relish, Satur Farms Tokyo Turnips, mizuna leaves

Flying Pigs Farm Crispy Pork Belly

poached apple, brussel sprout leaves, grain mustard

Fourme D’Ambert

bing cherry compote, crunchy walnuts

Mascarpone Sorbet

persimmon pudding

Dark Chocolate Cake

milk chocolate cremeux, olive oil emulsion

Maison Privé

Recession Dining: Per Se at Home