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Dr. Phil Inserts Himself into Cheesesteak Wars

As we noted earlier, the Dr. Phil show is shooting live today from Independence Hall (it won’t air here until 5 p.m.) and the Inquirer has more details on how exactly the good doctor will heal the city of its hostility. There’s a Michael Vick segment starring Governor Fast Eddie and Eagles coach Andy Reid and then, of course, there’s the obligatory cheesesteak ridiculousness [Update: The cheesesteak part of the show will air in a second episode on Friday, not today.] What would a show in Philly be without the Eagles, a run up the Art Museum stairs in the style of Rocky and a cheesesteak controversy starring Joey Vento? So what exactly did Dr. Phil do down in South Philly?

In an interview this morning with WIP’s Angelo Cataldi, the Inquirer reports that McGraw seemed surprised at the sandwich smacktalk:

As for the cheesesteak wars, McGraw told Cataldi that the owners of Pat’s and Geno’s don’t just think their sandwiches are superior to each other’s.

“They feel that their product is superior to all other products in the universe,” he said.

“I tried to get them to take a bite of each other’s sandwich. They refused to do it!” he said.

They wouldn’t even step on each other’s property.

“I had to meet with them on neutral ground.”

While eating each other’s cheesesteaks while sober is an appropriate punishment for bad behavior, we’d like to see these two families heal their long-standing rift over a nice long day of sweeping up the trash from their establishment that blows blocks and blocks away. Then we could all feel good!

Dr. Phil in Philly: Vick, Cheesesteaks on the Couch

Dr. Phil Inserts Himself into Cheesesteak Wars