Breaking: Protesters In Front Of Xoco

All is not perfect in Bayless land: a tipster writes in to note that there are protesters outside of the Top Chef winner’s newly-opened Xoco brandishing signs criticizing “Rick ‘Payless’ Bayless.” But things aren’t quite what they seem — we checked in with Frontera publicist Jen Fite, who points out that the sign-wavers aren’t Xoco staff. Rather, they’re employees of Goldberg Contracting, the firm hired to build out Xoco.

“They’re using Rick’s name to get a little more attention,” Fite told Grub Street. “He obviously a higher profile than the contracting company. But the pamphlets make it clear who they’re really targeting: Goldberg apparently hired some union workers and some not. It has nothing to do with Rick, nothing to do with any of us here.” Xoco remains open during the protest, so your consumption of headcheese torta can continue uninterrupted.

Update: A citizen photographer passed us an image of the scene, above. “Has greed become your shameless master?” does have a nice lyrical ring to it, though our tipster notes the protest was just “two bored guys and a sign.”

Update: The full text of the protesters’ flyer makes it clear that they are targeting Goldberg, not Bayless.

Breaking: Protesters In Front Of Xoco