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Break That Fast on Yom Kippur

Photo: Courtesy Saul’s Restaurant

If you observe Yom Kippur on Monday, you’ll be mighty hungry come sundown. For those that would prefer not to cook to break the fast, there are a few restaurant options, both eat-in and take-out, to choose from here in the Bay Area. But you might want to start making reservations or catering arrangements now, as there aren’t tons of places to go, so these few will be quite popular.

Jardiniere is doing a Yom Kippur-themed dinner as part of their regular $45 Monday night prix fixe. They’ll have matzo ball soup, braised brisket, carrots, Le Puy lentil salad, and an apple, grape, and oatmeal tart, along with wine pairings. [Via Tablehopper]

CAV Wine Bar and Kitchen will be serving actual H & H bagels with gravlax and sturgeon, plus their normal menu. [Via Tablehopper]

• Mountain View’s kosher Kitchen Table has a regular menu that would be appropriate for breaking the fast, but they’ve also got a special holiday take-out menu for those that want to eat at home.

• In San Francisco, Miller’s East Coast Deli has a special Yom Kippur menu, but you’ll need to order in advance to make sure you get exactly what you want.

• Over in Berkeley, Saul’s Restaurant will be closed on Yom Kippur itself, but you can order your takeout holiday food in advance right here on the internet.

Break That Fast on Yom Kippur